Business Eurythmy


The Vision

Let's create key experiences to open new doors!

Don't let experience be fleeting, pause and reflect on it.

In this way we can create something new, in ourselves and in our society.



Learning through experience and the reflection of that experience.


In eurythmy participants learn through practical experience – about themselves, their relationships with others and about processes. Here, theory is not followed by practice, instead experience comes first and then reflexion. Eurythmy builds awareness for processes and interdependencies in a business.



How can the new appear in a company?


In eurythmy perceptual fields are formed. These allow us to realise which kind of awareness guides our actions. Do we solely orient ourselves towards the values and codes of the past or do we really create something new?

"Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand."

Confucius, Chinese philosopher


The good movement:

Eu-rythmy means good rhythm.…

There is no life without rhythm! Rhythm is the basis for our individual health, as well as the health of a community. There is no wake without sleep, no rest without movement, and no movement without rest.


Business eurythmy is conscious movement and therefore a medium for the development and extension of personal skills, especially the skill to work as a team.

Therefore business eurythmy can be used to improve the working atmosphere, to gain more initiative and conscientiousness, to strengthen the team spirit or simply bring more joy and creativity to your team.


My company courses raise spirits. Every interested employee can join.

Business eurythmy brings a breath of fresh air to your company.

The "distinctive view" creates understanding and new solutions for the work environment.

"Motion is life, and there is no life without motion."

Moshe Feldenkrais, Israeli Engineer and Judo instructor

Management > Manus agere

Motion causes change!


Business eurythmy is a chance to bring movement and new impulses to your work routine.


Manus agere – guiding with the hand – means management. To guide oneself and others, to manage, calls up action and coordinates it.

Meaningful and self-guided interaction is trained through our exercises.

With simple motions we create forms as we move about the room. This changes our perspective, revealing complex relationships which we can experience.


We practise guiding ourselves in the group whilst maintaining an overview of the whole. In order to initiate change, I must move, alter my viewpoint, act with reason.

"What we need is not a leader to lead the masses – we need leadership of the self."

Jigme Singye Wangchuck, 4th King of Bhutan

Why eurythmy in your company?



First and foremost eurythmy anticipates a team strategy. Mutual movement and coordination strengthens team building and serves as a communication basis. The working atmosphere and intrinsic motivation in a team are the basis for good staff performance.




Digital processes dominate our working environment and leave little leeway for changes in the workflow.  Interrupting the workflow with eurythmie makes sense, reduces fatigue and so enhances staff performance. This is true in equal measure for all work areas in a company. In contrast to the majority of relaxation methods, conscious movements lead to a controlled relaxation.




A company's products are the key to its success. At the start of product development there is always an idea: the result of a creative process. Creativity cannot be enforced. Too often high performance requirements hinder creativity. Eurythmy can remove such hindrances by enhancing staff performance in the creative processes through movement and coordination.

Agility, communication, collaboration


Agile work is a central strategy in many business areas. An essential foundation of agile modes of operation is the intense cooperation of teams. Agile work strategies, for example in software development lead to an enormous acceleration of work flow. The team experience strengthens the ability to communicate and increases staff performance and team performance in a special way.


Recreation, connection


Eurythmy is the analogue connection in a digitalised work environment.  Eurythmy frees the energies of both individuals and teams, which often take a back seat to formal processes. Eurythmie is also an optimization strategy, which augments an efficient corporate organisation. For this reason even economically successful companies engage with eurythmy.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same mindset we used to create them."

Albert Einstein

Comments by participants

Course members' (from two companies) feedback


"Without worries work is good."


"After eurythmy I feel renewed, a healthy balance to sitting in the office, refreshing for body and soul."


Keeping the focus in complexity


"Everybody can be creative."


"The group – not the instructor - determines the tempo, which is easier."


In eurythmy I realize where I want to make changes.


"Eurythmy makes me more composed, especially when things get stressful."


"Doing eurythmy with the complete staff was very good for us as a group, I already miss it."


"Through eurythmy we don't have start arguing immediately when things aren't working."


"It is good to be allowed to make a mistake without getting immediately angry about it – I really enjoyed creating forms myself."


"It was a success mastering it in a team."


"Afterwards work went a lot faster."


"Networking and holistic thinking are drawn from the exercises."


"Calm, trust, connection, joy"


"Eurythmy is process awareness and thinking in contexts."

"I think anyway with my knee."

Joseph Beuys

Our Offer

There are several organisational options for conducting the seminar:


  • A one day introductory seminar with subsequent evaluation
    > or as the first of three individual appointments, which take place monthly.
  • Three consecutive days in a month.
  • As a support during consulting or a transformation process.
  • One to one coaching for executives.

We are happy to adapt to your requirements.

Kirsten Grams

She studied eurythmy and business eurythmy in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the U.K. Although she has worked as a consultant for companies and organisations since 2001, as of 2013 she has mainly been working with executives and employees of bigger trading companies.


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